Why Us?

Eight reasons why you should join M8:
Relationship Rocket Science.

Our service is powered by VALC™ (Values, Attraction, Lifestyle & Culture), a highly intuitive, proprietary algorithm created by a team of PhDs.

Cultural Affinity.

Foster connections within our community. When cultural contexts are understood, you can focus on the more important things.

Selective Curation.

High-caliber matches are brought to you by Privy Circle, an inspired community of like-minded individuals in US and Asia.

Real People.

Members are verified and vetted to ensure the quality and authenticity of each profile.

Private And Secure.

Only targeted matches will have access to your profile. You may even screen coworkers and acquaintances from with privacy filters.

Social Proof.

Stand out from the crowd. Let your friends do the talking with personal endorsements that speak volumes.

Play Cupid.

Our unique Matchmaker platform allows your friends— and their friends— to find love for you.

Dating With Benefits.

Earn points and receive prizes as a dater or a matchmaker.

How it works


Create Profile
Fill out your profile to start receiving curated matches.
Earn Points
Login and invite friends to earn points and redeem them for matches.
Get Matched
Receive curated matches, delivered directly to your inbox.
Start Chatting
Are you both interested? Let the conversation begin!


Endorse your friends.
Meet with other Matchmakers to expand your network of potential matches.
Play Matchmaker
Build up a network. Start setting up intros. Let the sparks fly.
Get Rewarded
Earn points and redeem them for gifts. Get toasted at the wedding.


One to Five Curated Matches Every Day
Meet Through Friends
Play Matchmaker
Free with Points

Experience a curated approach to online dating. Gain access for free when you invite friends and earn points, or sign up as a premium user.


It’s fun— and rewarding— to play Cupid. Make a match, earn points, and redeem them for real-life rewards.


Enjoy white-glove matchmaking at its finest. A dedicated Privy Circle concierge will arrange everything, from the match to the date, on your behalf.

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