Our Story


Our story isn't about Love at First Sight.

But it is about Happily Ever After, and the friends that help you get there.

Steve didn't have a difficult time meeting people. He was a prominent figure in the Asian American community, and often hosted social and charity events. But his hectic social life put his dating life at a disadvantage and it was often too straining for his relationships. Trying to date within his social circle, which for Steve was fairly large, came with its usual set of problems.

So when he arrived at an Oscar-viewing charity event one February, he was newly single.

His best friend Teddy was there already, and had already made the rounds. Because Teddy had just started dating someone new, he focused his wingman energies onto Steve. And as soon as Steve got to the party, he was introduced to Linda.

Linda was a kind and gentle person, but kept picking Mr. Wrong. It got to the point where she wouldn't allow herself to get into another relationship without a second opinion. She had just been promoted to a creative director at a marketing agency, so she resigned herself to focusing solely on her career.

The chemistry was undeniable. For the next few hours, Steve and Linda laughed, talked, and generally enjoyed each other's company over a couple of apple martinis.

Steve liked Linda from their first conversation. He was impressed with how driven, passionate, and talented she was. She had won numerous graphic awards for her hard work. As an entrepreneur himself, Steve appreciated her own entrepreneurial spirit. He already knew that he wanted to pursue things further.

And his friends could tell.

During a natural break in the conversation, Steve and Linda parted ways briefly to catch up with other friends. Teddy approached Linda to do some recon.

"So what did you think of Steve?"

"Well," Linda began, "he's really friendly. And funny. And really, really nice."


Eventually Linda admitted, "Well, he's just probably not my type."

Not satisfied, Teddy pressed on. Linda was not one to be dishonest, she sheepishly admitted, "Well...um... he's kinda got a beer belly..."

Teddy, Steve's wingman, knew already that Steve probably hadn't spent any of his conversation talking about himself, so of course Linda hadn't yet seen beneath the surface. So Teddy took it upon himself to vouch for Steve. "Steve's successful, and very respected in the community. He's not the type of guy who's commitment-phobic. And he's deeply honest and loyal, and a man of his word..."

This made Linda think. Why wasn't Steve her type?

As the evening came to a close, Steve found Linda again, and approached her with a third apple martini. Polite as always, he asked, "Linda, may I have your number?"

She smiled at the ground, suddenly realizing she was more open to Steve. She scribbled her number on a piece of paper. The next time she chatted to Steve was when he called, and the two didn't hang up for four full hours. The rest, as they say, is history. Stephen and Linda were happily married and now have a toddler son named Kingston!

Steve and Linda found their happily ever after...with a little help from their friends.

And now they want to share their same happiness with you. They would have never ended up together if Steve's friends hadn't vouched for him. With that idea in mind, they created a matchmaking platform where part of the charm is your real-life friends can also help you find that special someone.

And that was how Privy Date was born, with love.